Activities to keep your toddler entertained

Have you been looking for ideas on how to keep your kids entertained over the next few weeks? Or do you just need a few ideas to occupy them while you work from home? Don’t sweat, take a deep breath and check out our ideas on activities that your little ones will never get bored of! 

With the pandemic flooding our news right now, it can be difficult to think of ways to entertain your children at home, especially if you prefer to go on family adventures or days out – as even a trip to the local for some milk seems to be a big deal at the moment. 

From fort building to dressing up for the living room runway, we’ve thought of 7 ways to keep your little ones occupied.

1- Bake

Most children love to bake and baking is great way to entertain even the tiniest of helpers while you’re stuck indoors! Not only is baking fun, but it’s also a good way to teach children how to follow instructions and your older children learn how to measure the different ingredients like a pro.
Why not try baking Mary Berry’s vanilla cupcakes 🙂

2 – Have a good clear out

Finally, some time to send those extra toys your child won’t play with, to a new home. Every home deserves a clean corner! Have them clear out all the toys & clothes they no longer use , make it fun… challenge them by timing them to find 1 or 2 toys they don’t like anymore to put in a box. 

3 – Play dress up

Children love dressing up and doing things that they shouldn’t, so why not let them play dress up and raid your wardrobe? Let them put on a fashion show for you, and you never know, you might actually get to drink your coffee hot for once! Just remember to hide the things you don’t want them to ruin first!

4 – Painting

Did someone say paint? Painting is quite a messy activity, and one you might try to avoid at times, but if you’re staying indoors for a while it might be worth getting the paint brushes out of the cupboard and believe me a couple of hour’s will fly by.

5 – Do a puzzle

Puzzles are a great activity to do together. They encourage problem solving skills as well as supporting hand-eye coordination. 

6 – Reading

No matter what age your child is, reading is a great activity for children to do and it can help to encourage their creativity and literacy skills too! There are some great kids books to buy too!

7 – Make pizzas

Cooking dinner can take up a lot of your time whilst watching the children and this is often the time they start wanting your attention most. So instead of taking on all the cooking responsibility yourself, get your little helpers in the kitchen to give you a hand with it. Why not try the recipe below?

Whatever you choose, have fun!

By Maria Khan

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