Top tips to stay hydrated this Ramadan

Water is the essence of nature and life. You can survive without food for weeks but you can’t do that without water. Water is the most important fluid that can replenish your thirst during the holy month of Ramadan.

Drinking as much water as possible between iftar (dinner) and suhoor (pre-dawn meal) reduces the risk of dehydration during fasting.

It is absolutely essential to compensate the loss of water in your body, especially during Ramadan – so pay attention to your food and drink intake through this holy month.


Dehydration can cause side effects such as: constipation, headache, dizziness, tiredness and severe dry skin. In severe cases of dehydration, you might get more serious complications like kidney problems and seizures, which means you’ll have no choice but to break your fast.


The food you eat plays a major role in controlling your thirst while you are fasting, so make sure your eating the right food and keeping hydrated.

  • Drink at least 3 large glasses of water throughout the evening, after iftar (dinner) and before sahoor (pre dawn meal)
  • Drink infusions such as camomile instead of tea (full of caffeine)
  • Try to avoid hot and spicy dishes as it increases thirst
  • Limit your salt intake and replace this with herbs, garlic & onions
  • Try not to add too much salt to food dishes. Also avoid eating salty foods because they increase the body’s need for water and cause water retention
  • Limit sweets and eat more fresh fruits
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables because they are rich in water and fiber. They stay in the intestines for a long time and reduce thirst.
  • Try not to drink large quantities of water all at once, drink throughout the evening, every hour to keep hydrated.

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By Saafi Khan

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