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5 minutes with Jas Braich, the women behind Millionaire Hair Mist

We caught up with Jas Braich, the creator of UK beauty brand, and the brains behind, Millionaire Hair Mist. In one light-weight, organic, blue bottle, this Mist works wonders on all types of hair. It’s a perfect product for styling, naturally strengthening your hair and leaving it super soft and frizz-free with a gorgeous glossy shine.

So what’s in it?

Jas – It’s all organic! Its properties of aloe vera leaf, ginger, pomegranate, blackcurrant and organic oil penetrate the hair strands, restructuring and rejuvenating from the inside out. You would never know that you are wearing oil in your hair. The problem is that people keep spraying lots of it to get that oily feeling, when really that just won’t happen. It works in conjunction with other hair oils as well as on its own, but I suggest trying it on its own.

Who is your Target Audience?

Jas – ‘’I have found a lovely market for my products, which is the 25+ consumers, worldwide; women of all ages, shapes and sizes; at present I only sell in the UK’’.


Jas – This light-weight, 100% organic hair mist is the perfect foundation for styling, offering long–lasting, style-long protection and nourishing hair.

Key Ingredients

Organic Aloe Vera Extract, Organic Argan Oil & Organic Pomegranate & Blackcurrant extracts

Where can I buy it?

Jas – Argent’s Millionaire mist can be found through their website and through the Perfume Closet in Stratford Road, Birmingham and Modest Street.

‘’My greatest supporter has been the Perfume Closet in Birmingham, which is my only retail outlet. I’m not Tom Ford, I’m not Estee Lauder but she’s been great’’

Fatihasworld has given me recognition and support.

Who is Jas Braich?

Jas – ’I come from a pharmaceutical background; I have three pharmacies in Britain and therefore have extensive knowledge of products, creation and distribution. I’m a mother in my 40’s and, whilst my children were growing up, I worked in the pharmacies through my 20’s and 30’s. I’ve gained considerable knowledge of products and ingredients. I’m now 50 and have worked in the pharmacies for over 25 years.

It took me nine years to create this high quality product.

There are several plants that have the same properties, so researching this took a while.


I fell down so many times in the first year because it was all new to me. I went to salons and hundreds of places to sell the product but all I got was a big NO, it’s not known, it’s new, etc.

Then suddenly I found my audience – the Asian audience, so why was I looking at the European market? The Asian market understands everything, they were very receptive to the product and, to my surprise, they understood the product straight away and would ask the odd question like, ‘Is it greasy?’: ‘Is it really oily?’ whereby I would answer no.

There are millions of red lipsticks and thousands of eyeliners out there and I’m just another person who’s brought out a hair oil, so take a look and try it!

I’ve only been in the market for 19 months and I really love it. I have now made the product halal certified, which my audience are thrilled about, because it is a Muslim audience, which has given me a lot of support with this product as well as Modest Street (Aisha Rahman) and the Perfume Closet who also support me hugely.

What got me to the halal certification for MHM was, I’m a Sikh woman, working with a Christian organics company, making all kinds of organic products. I knew about halal certification but it took us six months to get!

I value my customers and I wanted to make sure they were happy with my product and that it met their standards. A Muslim consumer can be confident that I produce my products in a halal way. Not all of them but definitely Millionaire Mist, which follows a halal production.

I had some great feedback once I got the product certified.

What other products can we expect in 2018?

Jas – Lip exfoliator, a lip cream and some products for men!

Can we expect a boxed set?

Jas – I do get a lot of enquiries about boxed sets, but the cost goes up in production and ingredients so maybe something in the future?

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