New fashion uses unique designs to raise awareness for humanity

New fashion label, Blue Valley Apparel, aims to express modern day issues through beautiful designs which are inspired by art of various eras, regions and heritage.

Launched in October 2017, at the Muslim Lifestyle Expo in Manchester, Blue Valley Apparel wants to bring people together with bold and beautiful designs that are meaningful and original. The aim is to create a breakthrough in communication, where people will learn about others, themselves, as well as modern day issues that should be addressed.

Blue Valley Apparel founder, Zaitoon Patel, established the label with a vision of bold and unique designs which have a purpose and raise awareness. As she explains, “I want to remind people of the forgotten beauty in cultures that are often not only better known for war-torn and hostile environments, but haven’t been shown or discovered for what they really are.”

Blue Valley Apparel offer an emotional response to modern day issues and incidents. Their mission statement, “raising awareness for humanity through beauty”, is something that everyone can be a part of. By working alongside organisations with the same goals, Blue Valley Apparel want to inspire a change in this generation that will benefit future generations too.

The debut collection, The Forgotten, has been inspired by geometric art from various eras and empires across the world. Morocco, Spain and Syria all provide inspiration for this new collection. The result is stand out designs that are modern despite their calls to the past.

As well as championing this global message, the brand also wants to create an impact on a local lever. Based in Leicester, she wants to communicate with local businesses and artists who can support and promote this mind-set for growth and improvement. She has created a brand that can speak to, and unite, people around the world.

For those wanting to find out more about Blue Valley Apparel, to get involved with their cause and view the new range, visit

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