Halal Holiday Planning: Personalising your holiday the way you want it to be

There’s no doubt about it, going on holiday is an event we all look forward to. With hectic schedules and daily responsibilities taking control of our day to day life, nothing beats having a week or two off where you can do exactly what you want. Holidays give you the chance to forget about work, those crazy deadlines piling up, and your daily errands constantly forcing you to get a move on. For many, simply getting to lounge around all day in a stunning destination is music to your ears, however your halal friendly holiday is all about you, so if you want to go white water rafting in Sri Lanka or meet local hill tribes in Indonesia, then why not!

One of the best ways to achieve your halal holiday dreams is by planning it out in advance. Giving yourself enough time to think through what you want is key to making your much deserved time away a success. At Luxury Halal Travel and Serendipity Tailormade we specialize in personalising holidays to meet your wants and needs. Booking a holiday with a travel consultant is one thing, but actually having the chance to sit down and discuss experiences with us, means you’re hoping to embark on something extra special. Using our service not only gives you more time to focus on daily life, but also ensures your holiday is planned and prepared exactly how you want it.


Let’s say you’re looking for something adventurous like climbing Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia, or maybe something a little simpler like a private romantic meal on the quiet beach in the Maldives, while you may think it’s easy enough to organise, actually getting in contact and scheduling activities or extra services overseas doesn’t always go as smoothly as you’d like it to be. When using a service such as ours, all you have to do is give us your wishlist and leave the rest to us.


When you come round to actually planning your getaway, we suggest you consider the following;


  • The Experience


What’s the goal or purpose of you holiday? Is it honeymoon, a romantic getaway? A family trip with the kids, or an adventure of your own? Once you’ve determined the purpose of your travels, you’ll then easily be able to put the different pieces together to make your holiday complete. Sometimes knowing what you don’t want to experience helps to find the perfect destination, for example you may dislike places that are too hot, so heading to Oman in July isn’t going to be for you.


  • Plan Early


Booking early can’t be understated enough, the earlier you book the better value you’re going to receive for your trip. It makes sense too, airlines charge more the less seats they have on a flight, it’s simple supply and demand. So why pay more for the same seat than you need to? The same goes for hotels, where many properties offer ‘early booking offers’ and ‘stay pay offers’ if you book a certain amount of time in advance.


Planning early also means you have something to look forward to and the ability to spread payments across a longer period rather than spending a lump sum in one go.


  • Finances


Set a budget. Know how much you’re looking to spend before you start planning and don’t forget to include spending money when you’re away. There are plenty of trips available to suit your pocket and that provide much better value than booking them independently.


At the end of the day, your holiday is a time that should be entirely about you. Your wants, your needs, your holiday dreams. You’ve probably waited a long time to finally get some time off, so don’t let your holiday go to waste by not seeking the extra help you need to make you holiday escapade one you’ll never forget.

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By Susannah Willet


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