A quick chat with Maher Zain ahead of his UK tour

As Maher Zain prepares for his forthcoming intimate Manchester show tonight,  BMM caught up with him to pose a few questions about the concert, his music and current travel likes. He was also excited about something amazing….find out below. These shows have been put on by Penny Appeal.

After two sell out concerts in London and Birmingham earlier this week, Maher was on his way to see his Manchester fans, ready for his finale show.

BMM: Since you’ve become this amazing International Icon and having travelled all around the world, what is you favourite destination?

Maher: I love nature and greenery, so one of my favourite destination’s is definitely South Africa, Cape Town. We went on this Cable mountain, we didn’t use the cable cars but we climbed it. It was a couple of years ago, but it was a beautiful experience and i still remember it. There are alot of other places like Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia is beautiful and Turkey is beautiful as well. I’ve been to some beautiful places.

Maher in South Africa, one of his favourite places to visit.

Pic courtesy of Instagram

Above: Maher in South Africa


Maher getting up, close and personal with a mini croc in South Africa

BMM: You travel so much each year, what kind of food do you like to eat, when your traveling?

Maher: I like all kind of foods so alhamdulillah, for me it’s been very easy as i travel and buy the food’s i like but i think im going to have to say Indian Food, In particular the curries, Chicken Karahi, lamb, off course some places are better then others but Indian Food in general i love. I even ask my wife to make something similar at home as well. I love it.

BMM: We recommend the following places to eat amazing Indian Food in;



– Chutney Mary,

– Dishoom,

– Tayyab’s,

– Spice Village



– Shere Khan,

– Royal Nawaab’s,

– Ziya – Rushholme,

– Al, Maidah,

– Mughli Restaurant & Charcoal pit.

BMM: London, you’ve been here alot – Do you enjoy it?

Maher: I always enjoy it,  We travel & hang around with some crazy people and i have alot of friend’s here so i really enjoy coming to London, every time we tour we get closer to my fans. It’s always a great experience to be here in the UK.

BMM: Do you get time to explore the history and heritage of Britain when your here?

Maher: Not too much to be honest, because most of the time we travel we are very busy with concerts and resting. You need to rest before each performances but sometimes when we travel, especially when there is nature around a country and if there is fishing near, i go fishing. Its like a hobby, Its very peaceful. I find great peace at being near the sea. Its also very good for training and patience.

Maher Fishing with friends.

Maher loves to fish in his spare time – Thats a big catch Maher!

BMM: Let’s talk music, what is your aim with your music?

Maher: I’m doing something that i love to do, but i’m also combining it with conveying a message that i believe in and i’m proud of, Im trying to create a platform for muslims & other people to come and get together and have a little fun.


Maher on Stage in London

BMM: Where can people catch you next?

Maher: Today’s the last show in Manchester so after this show in the UK, Inshallah i will go back home for around 15 hours hopefully and then i will go straight to Singapore from there, where i have performed before. I’m looking forward to it. Then after that, i will fly back to Sweden and wait inshallah for our baby to enter this world. I have two children, Aya Five and a half and Abdullah, three and a half years old.

BMM: Would you like them to follow your footsteps?

Maher: As a parent you can only do your best to bring them up in the best manor with the best values, then they have to choose. You bring the basic platform for them then they inshallah choose the best things for themselves inshallah.

Below: Maher with fans in Manchester


BMM: What would you like to say to all your fans and readers of British Muslim Magazine?

Maher: I would like to say, thank you for your support and i’m really happy to be here. I’m looking forward to meeting every one in Manchester and having a great show Inshallah.

Speaking to the very ambitious Maher Zain certainly left us with a positive feeling. We wish him the best of luck and a we ask Allah to bless his new baby and to make him/her among the righteous and pious.

Listen to Maher Zain’s new album below:


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