Best of British Fruit & Vegetables, this Ramadan

Best of British Fruit & Vegetables, this Ramadan

Eating the freshest, tastiest fruit and veg is easy if you choose produce grown in the UK.

Here are some of the best ways to enjoy a few seasonal treasures this late Ramadan.

Hedgerows full of blackberries can be made into tarts, pies and cordials –

or just eat them by the handful. Paired with apples, they make the perfect crumble. Plums are ripening in abundance, but don’t forget to look out for greengages.

This smaller, sweeter version of a plum are also delicately perfumed.

Baked with cheese sauce, freshly harvested cauliflowers become classic comfort food.

Stir frying makes the most of the fresh texture, and lightly battering and deep-frying

(think tempura) makes it irresistible. Try dipping these in Chinese Bang-Bang sauce.

Fresh carrots are incredibly versatile – use them raw in salads, to add crunch to stir fries, or roast them and blend into a soup for cool early-autumn days.

By Lara Skingsley

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