How to buy a coloured gemstone ring?

How to buy a coloured gemstone ring?

Who doesn’t love a colourful gemstone ring? Some say a gemstone should be worn to give you good luck, while other just like the colours.

Choose a style you can wear daily, find the perfect ring size and invest in a good buy. You can’t go wrong with a gemstone.

In Islam, a tradition states that Ali (AS) used to wear four rings on his hand which included: – Opal (Yaqut) for beauty and dignity; Turquoise (Feruz) for obtaining divine help and victory; Hadid Thin for strength, and Carnelian (Aqiq) to protect himself from enemies and all types of misfortunes, so let’s have a look at what these gemstones look like and where can we buy them?

9ct White Gold Opal & 1/4ct Diamond Halo Ring £799 – H Samuel
Cocktail Ring Turquoise – £275 Thomas Sabo
Big Oval Dark Yemeni Aqeeq Silver Ring – $166 Boutique Ottoman
18ct White Gold Amethyst and Diamond Ring – £335 Rudells
Halo Oval Yellow Sapphire 18kt Yellow Gold
£2,750.00 – Fenton

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