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The House of Maryam Ephesus, Turkey

British Muslim Magazine has flown out thousand’s of miles away, to explore the amazing areas of Kusadasi, Turkey. First stop, Virgin Mary’s House. We start our series in Kusadasi, Turkey – the home of history, heritage, halal food and amazing people. Turkey is a safe place to travel, regardless of what the national media may […]


The British Asian Trust partner up with the British Pakistan Foundation for Ramadan

The British Asian Trust, a charity founded by HRH The Prince of Wales, is celebrating the start of Ramadan by partnering with the British Pakistan Foundation, forging an exciting new relationship that highlights each organisations’ shared commitment to transforming lives and strengthening relations between the UK and Pakistan, and beyond. The partnership will be officially […]


Our Living History Histoire & Héritage

Located in UNESCO listed Medina world heritage site, La Sultana Marrakech celebrates the 100 year anniversary of the discovery of the Saadian Mausoleum (1917-2017) located few meters from the hotel entrance with an exclusive private visit. At this occasion, we take a plunge into La Sultana Marrakech own history that echoes to Moroccan great Royal […]


UK Parliament to mark ‘London History Day’ on 31 May

On Wednesday 31 May, the UK Parliament will take part in the first ever London History Day with a series of events on the theme ‘1,000 years of history…where history is still being written’. Visitors will have the chance to attend a free talk about the Elizabeth Tower by one of the clockmakers. Families visiting […]


A Syrian bowl by Huma Baig

The Syrian footed bowl with bits of gold is known as a Tazza and is formed of a colourless yellow glass, with enamels ranging from; blue, red, yellow, black and green. The glass body itself contains a few large bubbles and numerous tiny bubbles; typically not much attention was invested in refining the enamel glass […]


What Do the Words Of the Adhan Mean in English?

The adhan (Azaan) is a special Islamic call to salat (prayer). A muezzin calls adhan from the minaret of ant mosque, around the world, to announce every prayer and worship events. According to Islamic custom, the adhan is also the first thing that a newborn baby should hear. Adhan’s meaning in English Allahu Akbar God is […]


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