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Top Five Gifts For Him This Eid

Partner, brother, father or son, make this Eid special by finding the perfect gift for him.

After a strenuous yet blessed month of fasting, the celebrations are on and many of us look forward to receiving and giving gifts. But it can be difficult to find the perfect gift for him. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Oud Arabia Perfumes

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to buying Oud. That’s why we’ve simplified things for you. Oud Arabia remains the top choice for those looking to buy any premium Oud perfume. With a sweet, aromatic and woody scent, the fragrance can last as long as five days. If you’re looking to buy Oud that comes in a hand-polished crystal bottle and is packed in a beautiful leather box, Oud Arabia is the obvious choice.

Grooming Kit

It’s often ignored that men have their very own grooming needs and rituals. Surprise him this Eid with a high-quality grooming kit. Mot grooming kits come equipped with a tin of beard wax, a bottle of beard oil, a comb, scissors and perfume. We recommend the grooming gift box by Muslim Box.

Daky Wudhu Socks

One of the greatest advantages of the Daky Wudhu socks is that it’s no longer leather. Made with a blend of cotton, nylon, and elastane, the Daky Wudhu socks are waterproof and impressively breathable. A great accessory for travelling, now he can do Wudhu easily wherever he is.


Smartwatches have been around for some time now which means that there’s a huge range in the marketplace. Buying him a smartwatch could add value to his life by allowing him to conveniently and practically stay organised and in touch. What’s more, he’ll have one more stylish accessory thanks to you!

Gift Hamper

If you’re struggling to narrow down your choices and prefer to buy him several gifts, you can choose to make a gift hamper. A common gift choice nowadays, making gift hampers gives you the chance to pick and mix the items you find most attractive.

Main image – Christine Hulme, Unsplash

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