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Top 5 travel photography tips

Salima is a photographer whose collodion photography challenges people’s perceptions of cultural value, history, time and place. She has lived in Japan for twelve years and continues to feature internationally in publications such as the New York Times and The Times.

How can we create travel photography to cherish when the journey is over? Rather than taking snapshots of a moment, a good image changes  our way of seeing the world long after we have returned home.

1 Do your research

The secret to taking a great travel photo begins at home. Before travelling, read as much as possible about where you are going, to get ideas about the kind of photo opportunities you will have. Google the place you are travelling to and see what kind of images others have captured, then think about how you can approach things differently.

2 Travel light

This gives you more flexibility and opportunity to be spontaneous, without carrying too much. Step away from the tourist path and get lost to discover new places.

3 Start ‘local’

Eat where the locals eat; knock on a stranger’s door and welcome yourself into their world. Interact with the locals where possible; ask them to give you advice about hidden gems.

4 Experiment

Some of the best photographic opportunities come to us from the corners of our eyes, so explore the edges of your peripheral vision to see moments jump out.

Shoot away, imagine yourself as a painter, sketching sheet after sheet of drawings – digital photography gives us the luxury of snapping a lot, honing and deleting later.

First shoot wide and then explore the finer detail. Go high and go low, viewing subjects and situations through the lens; through a child’s eyes.

5 New Tech

Try new technology as there’s lots of new gadgets to play with these days.

By Maryam Ali

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