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Leicester based YouTube sensation Anisa is one of the UK’s most followed food blogger, with over 130k followers online – she’s a force to be reckoned with!

Inspired by her Mum, Mother in law & family, Anisa decided to create her youtube channel and show her expertise in very creative videos and pictures. Her channel Cook with Anisa is still the UK’s most watched YouTube channel when searching Ramadan Recipes in the UK.

Her collection of videos are a must watch, to be inspired to start cooking delicious food, all year round.

We caught up with Anisa about her Ramadan journey – check out the interview below:

What does Ramadan mean to you? 

It’s about self reflecting and tolerance and self discipline; helping those who are less fortunate than us; being mindful of people’s feelings; being humble and kind; perfecting your relationship with God, feeling closer to God.  

Ramadan is a joyous month of spiritual growth and late night family meals. 


How do you practice it? 

Obvious and most apparent is by fasting which is exclusively between you and God, and for God only.  

It is also about practicing patience and self tolerance. 

What spiritual benefits are you trying to achieve through the holy month? 

Getting closer to God: Nourishment for your soul: Detox for the body. Not forgetting who your sustainer and creator is. Praying the Quran abundantly as much as you can; during this time the Quran was revealed to our Prophet Muhammad.  


Do you struggle during fasting? How do you overcome it?

Your routine changes, so for the first few days it takes time to adapt and get used to. You will feel tired as you have to wake up early in the morning for Sahoor, making sure having a filling, healthy breakfast: Sometimes it’s hard to eat a lot at that time;  I try, at least, to have some dates, some milk and some water.

My day is busy so most of the time I am on the go, especially with sorting out all of the kids stuff.  I keep myself busy so that the day does go quickly.  The hunger side of things is fine, I wish I could keep that will power even after Ramadan, ha ha! Sometimes it does get tiring, so it is important that during the daytime, if you can, to have a short nap in order to recharge yourself. Having that balance from day to day does help. 


What do you learn about yourself during this time? 

To keep patience with my family; tolerance; to self discipline myself, refraining from food, whereas normally I would be eating all through the day.  

What’s your favourite food to eat when opening your fast? 

Its Sunnah to break our fast with Dates and water, but we all love a selection of fry ups likes samosas, spring Rolls and pastries. We have to have Falooda too, it’s very refreshing.  


How do you focus on your spiritual journey? 

We are motivated by praying, listening to the night prayer, secluding ourselves in prayer, especially during iftar time, we will be rewarded in this world and in the hereafter. There is also the knowledge that we will celebrate at the end of the fasting month with the celebration of Eid~ul~fitr.

You can also find her on Instagram.com/Anisagrams

Read the full interview in the upcoming ‘Ramadan issue’ of British Muslim Magazine, in the meantime – check out the video below!

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