Discover how to use cutting edge technology to help us all sleep more sound in 2019

1. Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 750D

Lumie right at the forefront of sleep tech. They have been researching human bio-rhythms, our carcadian clocks, light responses and waking modes for years to create products that help us get our best sleep patterns and habits into sync with our hectic, unpredictable modern lifestyles. Their flagship piece of kit is this top end version of their Bodyclock. It emits non-alerting low-blue light for your pre-sleep read (or whatever else you get up to before nodding off) and can send you of to sleep and wake you up at the optimal time with a scientifically researched set of 20 soothing and stimulating sounds or DAB radio. (RRP £199)

2. The Simba Hybrid Mattress

Simba have been combining sleep research, materials science and craftsmanship since the late 70s to continually innovate in beds, pillows, duvets and more. But it is their seriously state-of-the art mattresses that rock our world. The Hybrid range has 7 layers, with a unique combination of up to 2,500 conical pocket springs, responsive Visco memory foam that moulds to your body shape and a patented hypoallergenic air flow sleep surface to provide freshness and temperature control. (Super Kingsize is £799).

3. Podtime Sleep Pod 

Podtime Sleep Podsare British-made power nap capsules designed for offices, airports, hospitals and other places where sleep is often much needed but in short supply. Their standard side-entry, stackable Sleep Pod features finger-touch door opening, noise reduction, soft LED lighting, ventilation (phew) and a host of optional tech extras. Not for the claustrophobic, ideal for hipster vampires. (£2,895 + VAT)

4. Pukka Nighttime 7 Day Kit

Sometimes we have to look back to see the way forward. Valerian root has been used for centuries in many rural cultures to promote peaceful sleep and soothe away anxiety but somewhere along the line us busy urban types lost touch with this knowledge. But now, thanks to herbal evangelists like Pukka’s Sebastian Pole, a new generation is rediscovering its power. Where the innovation comes in is the modern processes for drying botanical’s to preserve the maximum concentration of active essential oils, and in the 100% biodegradable modern bags, so your plastic footprint doesn’t keep you awake at night. Pukka’s Nighttime 7 day Kit includes tea, supplements a guide with tips and recipes. (£10)

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