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The Demand for Halal Turkey rises in the UK

Last December, the Halal Monitoring Council certified 5,500 turkeys slaughtered in UK abattoirs. In 2011, they certified none. Last week alone, the HMC certified 1,500 turkeys.

The huge demand has taken many suppliers by surprise, could you say you’ve tried some Turkey yet?

There is speculation on Turkey meat as the UK’s biggest halal assurance body, the Halal Food Authority, does not yet certify any turkeys as halal.

In this day and age, Muslim butchers import halal turkeys from places like Italy or Ireland, which are always available in places like Smithfield Market in London or at your local butchers.

Turkey’s have pushed through making it into the UK’s £2.6bn halal meat market, as estimated by the World Halal Forum, which is growing exponentially as the Muslim population grows with the demand.

Fast food outlets have long served halal meat in areas with a high Muslim population but now halal meat trade is set to be worth over £5 Billion by 2050. More and more upmarket restaurants, from the PizzaExpress chain to China Tang in Mayfair, Meat and Co to Pepe’s Piri Piri all serve Halal meat.

There are many halal restaurants across Britain which offer halal meat as well has hotel accommodation chain’s who also offer halal meat for their guests. Some restaurants also now offer halal camel and more recently, reindeer for the festive season.

With the increase on halal products in the UK, the british muslim communities will be able to try new meat throughout the year.

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