5 Muslim Fashion & Make up Bloggers You Have To Follow

In at number one is the amazing Dina Torkio who we met at the Modest Fashion week in London earlier this month. Her charm and wit has certainly grabbed the attention of thousands if not, millions of followers.

She’s cool, loud and and great at inspiring women on what to wear and buy next.


In at number two is Amena – Now we didnt recognise Amena when we saw her earlier this year – what a stunner! Amena’s brain child is Pearl Daisy where she sell’s ‘Hoojabs’ – a cool hooded hijab which was her own invention.

In at number three is Melanie
Melanie is the founder and CEO of Haute Hijab

In at number four is Basma Kahie – London-based blogger Basma takes photographs ‘of anything and everything included in her day; her hijab routines, her outfits of the day, etc.’ This process became intertwined with her daily life and was the starting point of her fashion blog.

And finally, in at number five is Shay Mirza – The Londonite

Shay hails from Pakistan and is presently living in London.

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