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BMM Travel Trends For 2024

If the narrative of 2022 was a triumphant comeback to the world of travel, 2023 emerged as the year we ventured into uncharted territories like never before.

Wanderers embraced the skies, traversed railways, navigated roads, and sailed the seas to check off monumental bucket-list experiences. From Arctic escapades to opulent yacht cruises and the pioneering foray of tourists into the cosmos, the year unfolded as a kaleidoscope of extraordinary journeys.

Fast forward to 2024, and travelers are poised to pivot towards a more introspective approach, placing their values at the forefront of their adventures. The emphasis shifts to profound encounters that leave a lasting positive imprint, cherished moments with loved ones, and well-being rituals extending far beyond the confines of hotel checkouts.

Destination choices will be deliberate, inviting a decelerated pace to savor the tranquility and gaze at the stars. Gastronomic delights will be savoured in novel and captivating locales, and wellness practices will take centre stage in our quest for a longer and more fulfilling life.

Private Group Travel

The post-pandemic trend of gathering friends or family for shared luxury travel experiences is on the rise. From 3G family groups to empty-nesters reconnecting with lifelong friends, the desire for collective holidays is enduring. Contrary to predictions of a peak, private group bookings remain a significant trend, comprising 30% of Black Tomato’s bookings, according to Tom Marchant.

Eco Diving

An increasing number of divers are now selecting travel destinations based on the sustainability of scuba centers, aiming to make a positive, regenerative impact on the ocean during their visits. In 2022, The Reef-World Foundation, a UK marine ecology charity, discovered that 95% of divers expressed a desire to book with sustainable operators but faced challenges in doing so. In response, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) introduced its Eco Center accreditation on World Earth Day (22 April) 2023, in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Program and Reef-World.

Astro Tourism

Astronomy, an ancient pursuit, offers solace in the timeless act of stargazing. In our virtual age, the allure of the real cosmos beckons. Enter astro tourism, a journey to pristine landscapes free from pollution and crowds. Here, beneath unpolluted skies, one can immerse in uninterrupted hours marveling at stars, planets, and constellations – a celestial escape from the virtual realm. Wellness hotels are elevating the stargazing experience. Port Lympne’s Lookout Bubble in the UK offers a celestial escape with king-sized beds under a glass dome. In the Qatari desert, Zulal Wellness Resort provides pollution-free astromancy, featuring workshops and stargazing sessions for families and children keen on cosmic exploration.

Faith Travel

In recent times, there has been a notable surge in faith travel, with pilgrimages like Hajj and Umrah witnessing increased participation. As individuals seek spiritual fulfillment and cultural immersion, these sacred journeys have become a focal point for those yearning to deepen their connection with faith and embark on transformative experiences. The rise in faith travel reflects a growing global trend of individuals prioritizing meaningful and spiritually enriching journeys.

Main Image – Esther Tuttle, unsplash

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