Shops and zoos set for relaunch in Britain

Shops and zoos set for relaunch in Britain

Covent Garden will be welcoming the public to small luxury boutiques from Monday, while the neighbouring London Transport Museum remains unable to generate vital visitor income.

Alok Sharma, our business secretary for BRITAIN has confirmed that shops, department stores and shopping centres – all indoor spaces with limited room for people to roam – can reopen from Monday 15th June, “provided they put in place the necessary steps to keep their workers and customers safe”.

‘We are restarting the economy and will enable high streets up and down the country to spring back to life” – said Sharma.

Zoos and safari parks have now been given the green light to welcome visitors.

Image – Chester Zoo

International conservation charity Zoological Society of London (ZSL), director-general Dominic Jermey said: “We’ve been vocal with our need for support since our doors were closed – launching a fundraising campaign and appealing to Government, banks and individuals for help.

“Unlike shops, museums and pubs, we couldn’t just shut the gates, press pause, and wait for the green light to return.

“Our zookeepers, veterinary teams and facilities teams have continued to come to work every day to ensure our precious animals remain healthy and cared for – and that costs money.”

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