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Leading Muslim charity generously offers NHS and government access to all resources and property

A leading Muslim charity has offered the NHS and the government use of all its resources and property in the fight against global crisis COVID-19.  

Al-Khair Foundation wrote to Ministers this month and put all its houses, schools, offices, warehouses and television studios across the UK at their disposal to assist in overcoming the pandemic. 

The Muslim charity currently operates seven nationwide branches acting as community hubs for delivering medication, food packs, cooked meals and household essentials. Other assets include schools, houses and warehouses.

AKF Founder & Chairman Imam Qasim said “We are continuously doing everything we can to try and help the vulnerable people here in the UK, but we now feel that we need to go the extra mile. 

“The NHS and the government are working around the clock to help us overcome from this crisis as a nation and so as a leading UK charity we feel it is our duty to help in whatever way we can.

“By offering up our schools, offices and warehouses the government and NHS will have more space whether that be for medical supplies, bedding or a temporary clinic, it is at their disposal. 

“Our television stations may also be used as a continued effort to enforce the governments social distancing and isolation procedures. 

“We are very lucky to have such a large reach across the UK and so we want to use this to help. It is important to us that people stay safe and so we will continue to do whatever it takes.”

The offer was made in letters sent to Health Minister Matthew Hancock and Chancellor Rishi Sunak from Imam Qasim in which he said, “We welcome your acknowledgement of the role and contribution being made by civil society during this pandemic, and write to offer our help to the Government for dealing with this crisis.  

“Al-Khair Foundation, one of the UK’s leading Muslim charities in the UK, is willing to place at your disposal our very substantial property assets – schools, offices, warehouses and television studios in London, the Midlands, Leicestershire, Yorkshire, Lancashire and Scotland. 

“These could be utilised as a temporary measure in the Government’s plans for dealing with the pandemic situation.

“We value the Government’s direction at this time; our best wishes and prayers reside with you and colleagues for success in your endeavours.  ….. it would be of our honour to offer up our assistance as the country unites to fight this virus.”

Al-Khair Foundation is part of a national service providing shopping and medication collection and delivery, healthcare advice and friendly phone calls to alleviate loneliness throughout the UK via ITS network of branches across the country. 

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Al-Khair Foundation has disributed over 20,000 pieces of PPE  to local GP surgeries and other essential workers, provided thousands of hot meals to families and is continuing to creating food hampers and deliver to the most vulnerable. 

Imam Qasim added: “We  launched our £1m appeal to respond to pandemic impacted people both in the UK and globally.  

“We aee working with communities and governments to put plans together to deal with crisis situation and assisting them with aid supplies and more importantly medical support.  

“People can donate monies or even donate food supplies, medical items and donation in kind. It is vital we work urgently to help all those impacted.”

Volunteers across the UK are needed and can make contact by calling Al-Khair Foundation on 03000 999 786 or sending them a message on Al-Khair Foundation Facebook.

The Foundation, which is based on Croydon, has been praised for its work in areas such as unemployment, education, women’s empowerment and domestic violence. It has also provided help through floods and storm damage in recent years in the UK.

To donate call +44 (0) 3000 999 786 or visit

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