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Vidnik’s Innovative Approach to Muslim Matchmaking in the UK

Finding the right marriage partner continues to be a huge challenge for many UK Muslims according to market research carried out by Census-wide. Many respondents to their survey said they no longer considered marriage a priority, or that ‘fear of getting a bad match puts me off trying to find a partner.’

Despite this, many would love to get married with some respondents to the research saying they would love to find a marriage partner within a four to five week period. 

As a result, matchmaking company Vidnik, which commissioned the survey, has designed an app specifically for Muslims seeking marriage partners, claiming it’s the safest, most secure and halal matchmaking app on the market. Via this new app, Vidnik further claims to have redefined Muslim matchmaking in the digital age. 

Vidnik spokesman Arash Hagshenas said: “We are the only marriage application which is in tune with Islamic principles and beliefs. People are coming to us because they want to marry.”

“Our app is built on a foundation of understanding, communication, and mutual respect. It’s an app for those who are serious about finding a marriage partner while following Islamic principles.”

He argues that it offers considerable advantages compared to existing apps in this space as they are used for chatting and dating rather than marriage. All the profiles on the platform are from people who share the same faith and values and are serious about their reasons for registration. 

“Once registered, our super-smart compatibility algorithm means that users will only be shown potential partners that meet the set criteria, whether that’s faith, values, or religious preferences, allowing our users to feel that much more confident about finding the perfect partner.”

Hagshenas added, “What makes it special is the use of an in-built Wali feature. By incorporating a guardian feature into our app, this will provide an increased level of security for our users with all conversations visible to the Wali right from the start. Female users have to have a Wali present at every contact online, so everything stays Halal.”

The Wali can be a father, brother or any other male legal guardian, and has to register on the site during the registration process with their account being linked to the female user. 

The Wali’s involvement begins as soon as mutual contacts are made, with the Wali able to use the app to seek relevant information such as details of a male’s educational background and job. The Wali is able to see everything that is said or discussed on the website. With this feature, alongside photo and email verification for new users, Vidnik claims to have massively enhanced in-app security, reducing the risk of females receiving inappropriate messages. In a further boost to security, females can opt to have their photographs blurred if they do not want their image seen by everyone. 

Users can enjoy a free 7-day trial, with subscriptions becoming payable once the Wali becomes involved, or for more extensive group video chats. 

“We are in this project for the long haul. Vidnik has a bright future and is being downloaded by people serious about marriage. We do not expect people to stay on our books for more than six months- our aim is to help them find suitable partners.” added Hagshenas.

Vidnik is certainly proving popular and has been positively received, experiencing high levels of downloads and registrations since its launch in December last year. Launched initially in Manchester, it is now spreading steadily throughout the UK. 

Vidnik is available on both the Apple and Google Play UK stores. 

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