5 Recommended books to read this April

Many people love to read, whether it’s about love, life, work, fashion, food or fantasy… It could be anything. We recommend you 5 top books to keep you entertained whilst in isolation this month. There’s something for everyone.

Modesty: A Fashion Paradox

By Hafsa Lodi

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10 steps to getting married & staying married – an islamic perspective

By Ajmal Masroor

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Surah books – Surah Yaseen, Al-Mulk, Ar-Rahman, Al-Waqi’a & Ayatyul Kursi

by Kaniz Ali

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Love from A to Z

By S.K.Ali

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The Productive Muslim

by Mohammed Faris

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Which ever book you choose, make sure to share the knowledge!

By Natasha Syed

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