Striped Penne zite with vegetables


Striped Penne Zite 500g
Extra Virgin Olive Basso Oil as much as
Grana Padano PDO grated to taste
Zucchini 1
Red peppers half
Yellow peppers half
Aubergine 1
Chili pepper a red hot one
Ripe tomatoes 4
Garlic 2 pieces
Basil to taste
Salt to taste


Preparation time:
30 minutes

Difficulty of execution:

Number of persons:
for 4 persons

Toast peppers on the flame, peel, seed and cut them into strips.

Wash zucchini and aubergine and cut them into fingers. brown garlic in 5 spoons of oil, pressed it with a fork and take it off, sprinkle the chilly pepper minced, salt and add the tomatoes scalded, peeled and cut in fillets.

Mix, cover and let to cook for 15 min. n the meantime, boiled the pasta al dente in abundant salted water, dry and season it with a little olive oil.

Pour the pasta in the pot with the vegetables and mixing let top cook for 2 min. then add basil minced, mix and serve.

Courtesy of © Italian Halal Food

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