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Faraz M. Khan – The ‘Catch Me If You Can’ Mindset

Faraz M. Khan is an emerging talent in one of the most uncertain, unpredictable and constantly changing sectors.  August 2021 saw him portray a new character in the long running British TV series, EastEnders.  Played by Faraz, the character of Waseem is dropped into a rather sticky storyline in the fictional borough of Walford.  It was an experience […]


Muslim Belal talks about the changing face of Dawah in a digital age

Muslim Belal, a public figure in the Muslim community for over 15 years shares his views and solutions on the social media dawah scene. Ashely Chin, famously known as Muslim Belal is a British actor screenwriter, spoken word artist and former rapper of Jamaican descent. His conversion to Islam in June 2002 inspired many, and […]


British Muslim Magazine

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