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Four Ways To Make This Ramadhan Different

There are certain acts that the Qur’an instructs us to engage in when Ramadhan approaches and it does so for good reasons. But there are small – or big – habits that you may have picked up along the way throughout the pandemic which have the potential to hugely enhance our holistic experience of Ramadhan. The idea is to bring together the prescribed acts and these good habits to reclaim the spirit of Ramadhan – something which we may have lost over time.

Simply put, there are four things to focus on throughout this Ramadhan which will help restore spiritual satisfaction and fulfilment. What’s more, whilst doing these things, one will feel a sense of achievement on the day of Eid and leave Ramadhan with certain tools to keep them going until the following Ramadhan.

1. Revive Your Relationship With The Quran

If there’s any month in which the Qur’an should be recited more often, it is Ramadhan. When Allah mentions the month of Ramadan in the Qur’an, He closely associates it with the Qur’an, thus indicating its importance and significance. The month of Ramadan was different for the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. In this month, the Prophet PBUH increased his recitation of the Qur’an and the Angel Jibrail A.S. used to meet him every night during Ramadan to revise the Qur’an with him. This influenced many Islamic scholars of the past, who used to complete up to 60 recitations of the Qur’an during the month.

This Ramadhan, let us review our current relationship with the Qur’an and work on increasing its recitation. Start from where you left off. Create a bond with Qur’an by holding it, looking at its words, and reciting it at least once a day. With Qur’an recitation and donating to charity being the two things the Prophet PBUH increased in Ramadhan, it’s only befitting that we follow suit and emulate this great example.

2. Revive Your Relationship With Allah

Each and every person has a unique relationship with Allah. However, once Ramadhan is over, this relationship can easily become weaker and lose its power. The month of Ramadhan brings forth its very own spirituality which fuels our inner souls to better our relationship with our creator. Our relationship with Allah is not something new; it’s already there. However, it requires nourishment and constant thought. This is the reason why our relationship with Allah is revived when it becomes weaker. This Ramadhan, take the chance to talk to Allah. Ask Him to fulfil your needs. When the last ten nights of Ramadhan fast approach, spend your nights conversing with Him and pouring yourself in front of Him. This was a huge practice of the Prophets that came before us and played a great part in possessing a positive outlook on how Allah was perceived.

3. Be Thankful

Abdallah Rothman from Cambridge Muslim College mentioned a superb way of being grateful for what we have. The idea is to keep a daily journal in which one writes as many things as possible he is grateful for and reviews this in times of distress. Being thankful can be hard and easy. In times of goodness, thankfulness and gratitude come somewhat naturally. However, as we fall into despair and distress, or if we experience difficulty, we naturally forget about all the good we have been blessed with. This Ramadhan, count your blessings and thank Allah daily for each and every one of those blessings. Doing this is very simple and comes with a huge promise by Allah Himself when he mentions, “‘If you are grateful, I will certainly give you more”. [The Holy Qur’an | 14:7]

4. Consider Others

As we’re living in a post-covid world which does not restrict us from meeting others, it’s a good idea to think about the family and friends we could not see for the past two years. What’s more, let us use this month to fix our relationship with those we may have fallen out with. There may be someone in the household that you find rather annoying; take a different approach and instead try and be kinder to them this Ramadhan. As we start considering others and ensure that others are taken care of, we develop ourselves into selfless and thoughtful individuals. This act has great benefits throughout the year but most importantly in Ramadhan. Fasting is tough for many of us, so ensuring that we look out for others becomes even more important, and plays a great part in building and maintaining relationships. This Ramadhan, we will all be celebrating Ramadhan together which makes this idea of considering others a priority for us all.

Juber Ahmed

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