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Beauty: Experience the Timeless Tradition of Frankincense

Delight in the soothing ritual of burning frankincense to fill your home with a natural, aromatic essence. Derived from the resin of Boswellia trees, frankincense has been revered for centuries in cultures around the world. Known as “al-lubān” in Arabic, this precious resin has been a cornerstone of trade on the Arabian Peninsula for over 5,000 years and remains a staple in Asian communities here in the UK, often found in Islamic stores.

Every year, thousands of tons of frankincense are exchanged globally for use in incense, perfumes, natural remedies, and essential oils. Beyond its fragrant allure, frankincense is believed to offer numerous health benefits. In Persian medicine, it’s esteemed for its therapeutic properties in managing diabetes, gastritis, and stomach ulcers.

In Abrahamic traditions, the oil form of frankincense is used to cleanse spaces of negative energy and bless individuals, symbolizing purity and spiritual renewal. The practice of burning bakhoor (frankincense) towards the body is a cherished ritual to invite positive energies.

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