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Sharifa Begum puts on a great ceremony with The She Awards 2022

Sharifa Begum and Imdad Basit Launched the She Awards in 2018 to celebrate “everyday women” across the UK.

The annual awards – held last week on, International Women’s Day – aimed to “recognise and celebrate the achievements of women from all walks of life”, said Sharifa Begum.

Over 200 people gathered in London to celebrate the contributions that women continue to make across the spectrum from business to community and sports. These awards were presented by Bela Shah

“We deliberately represent women from diverse backgrounds – it’s about celebrating everyday women who wouldn’t normally get the red carpet experience, and making them feel like celebrities.” Imdad Basit.

Arts & Culture:
Gia Soni
Natasha Syed
Business Woman:
Manita Gosai
Sandy Chamberlain
Champion Fundraiser:
Naghma Batti
Community Champion:
Pushpita Gupta
Health & Fitness:
Ayesha Ahmad
Sonali Dattani
Reena Kalia:
Inspirational Role Model:
Kay Lou Haskins
Nina Darmeci
Sophia Choudry
Outstanding Culinary Skills:
Harshita Saxena
Remarkable Woman:
Samina Hussain
Sustainable small business:
Claudia & Coco Chalfen
Lisa Hickey
Unsung Heroine:
Saira Mahmood
Valiant Volunteer:
Monwara Ali
Elizabeth Amoah
Young Champion:
Aliza Yousuf
Ifrah Shafiq
Outstanding Woman:
Minreet Kaur
Arts & Culture:
Bhagya Lakshmi
Business woman:
Trish Kaur
Champion Fundraiser:
Selina Goyal
Community Champion:
Serena Nalty-Coombs
Health & Fitness Inspiration:
Tejal Patel
Munnever Borova
Inspirational Role Model:
Emb Hashmi
Hasina Rahman
Outstanding Culinary Skills:
Manju Patel
Remarkable Woman:
Kirubai Kohout
Sustainable small business:
Karishma Mahtani
Unsung Heroine:
Veerpal Sandhu
Valiant Volunteer:
Anema Mistry
Ruby Rose Hodgson
Young Champion:
Aasiyah Dossa
Alia Kasmani
Outstanding Woman:
Manmeet Kaur Chowdhry
Dr Sabika Karim
Najma Begum
Tasha Tah

The awards which took place at Chigwell’s Hallmark hotel, saw former Apprentice winner Carina Lapore, Tasha Tah, Anisha Vasani, Natasha Syed, Paul Chowdhry in attendance.

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