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Everything You Need to Know About King Charles’s Coronation

The time has almost come when King Charles will be crowned King in a coronation ceremony in the remarkable Westminster Abbey. 

Whilst King Charles succeeded to the throne the moment the Queen passed away, the coronation takes place as a symbolic ceremony where the King is crowned. This will give the nation the chance to celebrate the huge occasion and will be a prime moment when King Charles will also make promises to the nation. 

What is a coronation?

A coronation is a religious ceremony during which King Charles will be crowned as part of a Eucharist, or Holy Communion service. Being a religious event, it is a time when King Charles will be taking an oath to God. The event is planned to bring many people together and allow everyone to cherish the tradition which has been ongoing in Westminster since 1066. 

When and Where?

The coronation will be taking place in Westminster Abbey and will be taking place on May 6. Both King Charles and his wife Camilla will be crowned. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby will be conducting the ceremony. 

How Many People Are Due To Attend and Who Will Be Attending?

It is estimated that around 2000 people will be attending, which is a fairly small amount compared to the 8000 that attended Queen Elizabeth’s coronation on June 2, 1953. 

Many members of the Royal Family will be attending such as the King’s siblings such as Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. Prince Andrew is also due to attend with his sons Prince William and Prince Harry. You will also see Kate Middleton and Prince George in the ceremony. 

What’s different about this coronation is that it will witness members of other royal families from around the world such as King Abdullah II and Queen Rania of Jordan as well as King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain.  

Will There Be a Bank Holiday and When?

Yes, there will be a bank holiday which will be on Monday, May 8 2023. Taking place two days after the service at Westminster Abbey, it will be a bank holiday that will mark the occasion. 

Is There a Timetable For The Coronation?

Yes, there is a timetable. For full details, check out the full timetable here

Are We Allowed Inside?

Unfortunately, unless invited, you cannot go inside the abbey. If you do want to join in, you can join the procession which will start at Buckingham Palace and end at Westminster Abbey. There is no need to book for this, but be sure to arrive early to get a good spot. 

Can I Watch The Coronation on TV?

Yes, absolutely! The coronation will be broadcasted live on TV for all to watch. The channels you can watch it on include BBC One, BBC Two, ITV1 and Sky News will all be covering the momentous occasion. Sky will be covering the event from 7 AM – 3 PM with ads removed from 9 AM.

You can also tune in on BBC Radio 2, Radio 4, 5 Live, Radio 3, World Service and BBC Sounds. 

Main Image Credit: VOA News

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