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Muslims Raise Over £1M Within 24 Hours For Victims of Türkiye & Syria Earthquake

The recent tragic news of an earthquake in Turkey and Syria has caused great sadness throughout the world. With colder temperatures already causing great difficulties, the earthquake has worsened things by causing thousands of deaths and injuries, with many left without families. 

Muslims responded to the news rapidly and without any hesitation, they began raising funds and sending out help. The renowned charity, Islamic Relief, raised over £1M within 24 hours, with a large portion of this raised through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. 

Other charities were proactive in their approach and many of them raised hundreds of thousands of pounds within 24 hours. However, according to The Third Sector, “Islamic Relief UK was among the first organisations to publish an appeal and mobilise response volunteers.”

Aside from raising money through donations online, Islamic Relief also has their team of volunteers on the ground providing emergency food assistance, shelter and cash grants to the many survivors. What’s more, similar works are being carried out in Syria with volunteers providing health and medical supplies to clinics and hospitals, as well as tents and bedding supplies for those who have become homeless.

Human Appeal is another example of a charity that has worked tirelessly since Monday morning. With almost £100,000 raised in 24 hours, Human Appeal has raised most of its donations through Instagram. 

Ahmed Mahmoud, Islamic Relief’s Head of Mission in Syria and Turkiye, said:

“The scale of the disaster is getting bigger by the hour and it’s a race against time to get aid to people. Thousands of people are dead and hundreds of thousands are homeless. So many buildings are damaged or destroyed, and people have now been trapped under the rubble for 36 hours. There aren’t enough graves to bury all the bodies and relief teams are running out of body bags.   

“Our team is working tirelessly around the clock to reach as many people as they can, all while trying to keep their own families safe. We’ve managed to get vital aid to thousands of people so far, but the needs are enormous and so much more aid is needed. People have lost their homes and everything they have and are now stuck outside and scared of freezing to death. People urgently need food and shelter.

Other Ways To Help

Whilst donating for emergency shelter, food and medical supplies is vital at this moment, there are other projects that need our help. The AKUT Search and Rescue Association carries out voluntary searches, and assists with rescue missions for those stuck under rubble. To help with this massive project which is making a massive difference, visit this link:

To donate with Islamic Relief, follow this link:

Image Credit: Islamic Relief (Twitter)

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