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Dilse Radio 1035 Enlists Veteran Presenter Maher Khan for Ramadan Programming

Maher Khan

Dilse Radio 1035 enlist veteran present Maher Khan for Ramadan Programming

Maher Khan is returning to Dilse Radio 1035 for the programming every day during Ramadan.

Household name Maher Khan is returning to Dilse Radio 1035 to conduct the ever popular Ramadan programming during the opening and breaking of the fast every day. Dilse Radio’s sister station Lycaradio 1458, which is predominately music based, will also be running the Aazan 5 times a day.

Station Manager and Radio Broadcaster Tony Patti, of Dilse Radio said “We are extremely proud to have Maher Khan returning to our station during Ramadan. Here at Dilse Radio and Lycaradio we are always humbled by the response from our loyal Muslim listeners for our programming and we hope that continues. This shows both Dilse Radio 1035 and Lyca Radio 1458 are totally committed to the entire South Asian community in London by recognising important events in the Asian calendar”.

Founder of Tariq Halal, Tariq Sheikh, who will be the headline sponsor of the programming, said “We are very pleased to be part of the Maher Khan Ramadan programming once again on Dilse Radio. Maher always delivers a high quality representation to the Muslim listeners of Dilse and we found this very beneficial to our customers in the past”.

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