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Tusif Ahmed’s art turned head’s at the London Muslim Lifestyle Show 2016

The one thing that I can say with full belief is that I have definitely learned to be patient, and how to work on one project slowly and surely until my ideal vision of the art piece emerges from the paper as the butterfly emerging form the cocoon.

The process of cutting a paper and turning them into a beautiful design is my soul. The intricacy of the design and the fragility of it when cut is mesmerising. All of my pieces are completely hand cut, so all are unique and one of a kind. Using simple tools like knives and scissors, each piece is created tastefully.

Art, although very beautiful to look, is also very important in how we represent our message to others in society. That is what I hope to do, to show how humanity is beautiful, and how love and happiness and can bring us together to really make the future amazing. The art pieces I create are a fusion of old Chinese techniques and Islamic patterns normally found in the Middle East.

I represent in my art, how different religions truly teach the same basic principles about love, compassion and empathy and how we must all embody those amazing qualities in life.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), is an inspiration for more than a billion people in the world. In honour of that, I have created 5 art pieces representing the major events of his life. I have done my best to visually represent things in the most succinct yet complete manner.


Tusif Ahmed, Witnessing the Almighty , 2015. Papercutting Art , 123 x 84 cm. (Above)

Witnessing the Almighty is a representation of one of the most important journey’s of Muhammad (PBUH)’s life called Isra and Miraj. It’s a two part, both physical and spiritual, journey. I have tried to imagine how Al-Buraq, the steed used for travel between Mecca and Jerusalem. I have also tried to represent how the seven skies exist and how he met different prophets on those skies, as well as Sidra tul Muntaha.













Tusif Ahmed, The Final Principles, 2015. Papercutting Art , 123 x 84 cm.

The final principles represent the five pillars of Islam. It’s a representation of how Islam spread across the world, how Muhammad (PBUH) sent his message and envoys to various nations.






Tusif Ahmed, Tuba , 2015. Papercutting Art , 120 x 79 cm. 

Tuba is a tree mentioned in the Quran, a tree that grows in Heaven. The tree is so large that, it takes a 100 years to travel the distance that it is spread over and I have tried to show how beautiful it and heaven may be.











Tusif Ahmed, The Ideal, 2015. Papercutting Art , 123 x 84 cm. 

The Ideal is an artwork that showcases the 99 name of Muhammad (PBUH). These names are representative of different qualities of his and therefore, the names show how those qualities are what make him the ideal and how we must do our best to embody those qualities.







Tusif Ahmed, Escape From Duress , 2015. Papercutting Art , 123 x 84 cm. 

Hijrah is a momentous event in the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as well as his followers. It was a migration from Mecca to Medina or Yathrib. There are many many elements in this paintings that try to pictorially represent various parts of the journey. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was reciting Surah Yasin and due to that, his pursuers were unable to continue, Saraqa ibn Malik’s horse sank into the ground. The skies of Yathrib are filled with flowers and birds, a representation of peace and happiness.

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