Celebrities Speak Up Against The Recent Hijab Bans

In the last few weeks, the world has witnessed a major shift in the way the Hijab is understood. Whilst…

2 years ago

Women Empowerment through modesty

Islam came down to liberate women, men were ordered to cease the practice of killing their daughters, a limitation was…

2 years ago

In the honour of modest fashion

“When Hafsa Lodi worked as a fashion journalist in UAE, the fashion stories not only inspired her but gave her…

4 years ago

Muslim Refugee to international model


5 years ago

Nike releases new ‘Pro Hijab’ as demand for modest fashion increases

Nike has announced that it is updating its sports hijab head covering with a new design. To meet the growing…

5 years ago

Behind the sustainable fashion world of Rabia Z

Rabia Zargarpur is a pioneer in every sense of the word. A multi-award-winning fashion designer and business woman, who not only embraces world…

5 years ago