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Taking a Look at What Happened in 2022

As we entered 2022, many of us anticipated a difference from what transpired over the last two years. Whilst it has been different in many great ways, there have also been tragic events that have left the world in a state of mourning. But beyond the tragedies and celebratory moments, this year has surprised us in many ways. 

As we head into 2023, let’s explore some of the major events that sum up this year. 

Recovering From COVID

It’s been three years since the outbreak of the coronavirus, and after over 6 million deaths worldwide, this year witnessed a huge recovery phase. Whilst cases are still being recorded to this very day, the World Health Organization (WHO) declares that the end is “in sight”. In fact, according to a report by The Guardian, the World Health Organization has revealed that weekly deaths from the virus around the world were at the lowest level since March 2020. According to a report by WHO, the Director-General of the World Health Organization mentioned, “We have never been in a better position to end the pandemic.”

Image Credit: De an Sun (Unsplash)

We Travel Once Again

In 2021, many of us were yearning to board a plane and hear the seatbelt sign once again. Fast forward to December 2022, and we can confidently say that travel this year has been groundbreaking. With busy airports, jam-packed resorts and many tourist destinations at full capacity, travel has returned with a bang! With many countries dropping their much disliked COVID entry requirements, tourists were able to once again travel as they did before the pandemic. We just hope things stay that way!

Russia Invades Ukraine

On the 24th of February, Russia invaded Ukraine which led to a shortage of energy and food on a global level. Millions of people were seen seeking refuge in countries around the world, with many others dying. The war in Ukraine was described by NY Times as the biggest military mobilisation in Europe since World War II as they compare it to scenes from the Cold War. The UK and US have responded with sanctions but they will not be sending any more troops to Ukraine for obvious reasons. 

The Shock of Heatwaves

The country was shocked as temperatures reached a whopping 40.3C this summer in the UK. Recorded as the warmest year on record for the UK, the Met Office issued its first-ever red warning for extreme heat in July. In fact, 2022 was recorded as the warmest year on record in the 364-year Central England temperature series from 1659. Another surprise has been that this year has been warm consistently throughout every month, except December. Now the UK population is eager to see what will happen in the summer of 2023. 

Pakistan Floods Displace Millions

For almost 5 months, Pakistan experienced what can only be described as the worst floods the country has ever faced. With many villages under water, millions of children were instantly in need of lifesaving support. As the world witnessed the gravity of the floods, people came together to support the country in as many ways as possible. Homes have been damaged, schools destroyed and many have lost access to nearby drinking water solutions. With the monsoon season already producing rainfall, this year was beyond anything anyone expected.

Image Credit: Foreign Policy

Queen Elizabeth II Passes Away

The world’s longest-serving monarch, Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully on Thursday in her Scottish home in Balmoral. Living till the age of 96, the Queen reigned for 70 years and therefore influenced generations of people from around the world. Ruling for longer than any other monarch in British history, the Queen recently celebrated her Platinum Jubilee in June 2022. Born Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary on April 21 1926, it was not so obvious that she’d soon become queen of Great Britain. There’s a good reason why Queen Elizabeth II stuck around for so long. To be crowned at such a young age and uphold this position, truly represents to the world that Queen Elizabeth II did more than just modernise the monarchy and bring about stability.

Argentina Wins The World Cup

The 2022 FIFA World Cup that took place in Qatar was spectacular in many respects, none the least the celebration of Messi with his team as he grasped the one trophy he had ever won. The finals itself was one of the tensest games witnessed by the world. With plenty of extra time and Mbappe’s hat trick, fans were on the edge of their seats as the finals reached the penalty shootout stage. With Messi donning the Bisht and embracing a new culture, many like him were seen immersing themselves in a culture unlike ever before.

Morocco First African Team To Play Semi-Finals

There’s no leaving 2022 without remembering the Atlas Lions, who repeatedly performed outstandingly, defeating some of the best teams in the world. After a few games, the world was taken back by the successive wins of Morocco. What’s more, by reaching the semi-finals, Morocco left behind the likes of teams such as Belgium, Spain and Portugal. By going this far, Morocco became the first African and Muslim team to reach the last four – an achievement which no one was ready for, not even the team themselves. This alone created a lot of noise and caught the attention of many Muslims from around the world.

Main Image Credit: Choong Deng Xiang (Unsplash)

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