In aid of Hands Up Foundation

Leighton House Museum, the spectacular ‘East Meets West’ palace of art of Victorian artist Frederic Leighton, is proud to be working with the Hands Up Foundation to present a series of films made by a young generation of Syrian filmmakers.

The programme, curated by award-winning director Soudade Kaadan, is an enchanted journey showcasing the talents of Syrian filmmakers despite the challenges they face in a country shattered by a violent conflict. 

The series kicks off in May with the first Syrian film to be Oscar-nominated, “Last Men in Aleppo”, portraying real Syrian heroes trying to help civilians survive during a merciless war. With monthly screenings up to November and including a special ‘shorts’ night, this collection of movies shows the evolution of Syrian lives before and throughout the war, their suffering and their rise from the ashes to build a new life elsewhere.

Soudade Kaadan says: ‘I hope to share in this collection of films a feeling of love for our home country, and an opportunity to voice Syrian talents through a deep reflection in cinematic language on our reality.

More info: 22 May, 19 June, 24 July, 25 September, 23 October, 20 November

6:30 – 9pm. Doors open at 6:30pm for a drinks reception. £15.

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