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Nine Natural Ways Fight Hay Fever This Summer

As the weather transitions to a spring-like feel, many of us are facing a downside – the increase in tree pollen followed by grass pollen in the upcoming months. These allergens brought by good weather can lead to itchy eyes, a sore throat, and frequent sneezing, putting a damper on our spirits and outdoor BBQ plans. The body’s immune system reacts strongly to airborne pollen, releasing histamine and causing unpleasant symptoms to expel the invaders.

To combat this seasonal mood killer, Sarah Carolides, a leading expert in functional medicine and nutrition in the UK, suggests some effective strategies. Ideally, addressing hay fever should begin well before spring arrives, but it’s never too late to take action. By supporting the immune system and gut with a balanced diet and appropriate supplements, one can alleviate the symptoms caused by excessive histamine production in response to pollen invasion.

Histamine, a vital chemical involved in immune response, digestion, and blood pressure regulation, can cause distressing inflammation and allergic reactions when produced in excess. Anti-histamines detoxify the surplus histamine, mitigating the symptoms and improving overall well-being. Taking proactive steps to maintain a healthy immune system and gut can help minimise the impact of seasonal allergies and ensure a more enjoyable summer season.

Eat a low-histamine diet: Some foods contain naturally high levels of histamine, such as fermented products, processed meats, chocolate, alcohol, refined grains and certain additives. Low histamine foods include fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs and some fish or meat.

Take supplements: Quercetin and Vitamin C can be particularly helpful here. Dosages of up to 2,000mg of vitamin C per day have been shown to be beneficial. Omega 3 fatty acids and Gut Biome can also help support the gut, which is where 80% of the immune system resides. Certain probiotics containing strains of Lactobacillus have been shown to help reduce histamine levels and lessen hay fever symptoms. Finally, turmeric can help reduce inflammation.

Foods containing quercetin: are most fruits and vegetables, but especially apples, onions, tea, grapes, cherries and other dark berries, parsley and sage.

Foods rich in Vitamin A: can also help support the immune system and reduce the risk of hay fever. These include egg yolks, butter, leafy green vegetables and orange or yellow fruits and vegetables.

Get enough sleep: A good sleep can help reduce histamine levels naturally

Manage stress:  Stress triggers the release of histamine and can worsen allergy symptoms

Exercise regularly: Regular exercise can help reduce both inflammation and histamine release.

Water: Drinking enough water can help flush out histamine and other toxins. Aim for 3 litres a day.

Powerful Foods: Other powerful foodsinclude garlic, ginger and honey. If you can find an unpasteurised, local honey, that can be especially helpful as it can desensitise the body to the local pollens over time.

Zooki have launched a whole new premium range of Liposomal products that are recommended by Sarah so that they can be your ally in fighting hayfever this summer. These are high strength 1000mg Liposomal Vitamin C Zooki or anti-inflammatory Turmeric Zooki packed with 750mg active curcumin. She also recommends The Gut Biome Zooki containing 35 billion live bacteria which means that you can bolster your immune system and fight inflammation more effectively than ever this summer. 

Images/Credit: Zooki/Larissa K Pixabay.


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