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Who is a Prophet?

Welcome to our prophet’s series, where we will cover all 25 prophets of Islam over the next few months.

A prophet is a messenger sent by ALLAH (S.W.T.) to mankind for guiding them to the right path. The prophet is in contact with ALLAH (S.W.T.) and acts as an intermediary between ALLAH (S.W.T.) and the people. He delivers the messages of the divine being by acting as the intermediary and speak to people on behalf of ALLAH (S.W.T.).

There is a difference between a Prophet and the messenger of ALLAH. The Prophet is the person who gets the Wahi (commandments) of ALLAH (S.W.T.) through angel Gabriel while some Prophets like Moses directly got their Wahi (commandments) from ALLAH (S.W.T.). Every Prophet is provided with the scripture like Moses (Musa) got Torah, Jesus(Isa) got Gospel (Injil), David got Zabur, and Muhammad (S.A.W.) was provided with the Quran.

Similarly, a messenger is also sent by ALLAH (S.W.T.) to guide the people, but the messenger does not get Wahi (commandments) from ALLAH and follows the teachings of previous prophets, guide the people to follow the correct teachings of the previous Prophets.

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Every Prophet is a messenger of ALLAH (S.W.T.) and there are about 124000 prophets and messengers sent to every nation.

In Quran, the name of 25 prophets is given. The prophets of Islam include Idris (Enoch), Nuh (Noah), Hud (Heber), Saleh (Methusaleh), Lut (Lot), Ibrahim (Abraham), Ismail (Ishmael), Ishaq (Isaac), Yaqub (Jacob), Yusuf (Joseph), Shu’aib (Jethro), Ayyub (Job), Dhulkifl (Ezekiel), Musa (Moses), Harun (Aaron), Dawud (David), Sulayman (Solomon), Ilyas (Elias), Alyasa (Elisha), Yunus (Jonah), Zakariya (Zachariah), Yahya (John the Baptist), Isa (Jesus) and Muhammad (S.A.W.).

All the prophets sent to the earth came with one message of worshipping singe creator GOD (Monotheism), forbidding haram acts and to stay away from worshipping false gods.

The last prophet is Muhammad (S.A.W.) sent to the entire mankind to follow the right path of Islam.

By Fatima Akbar

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