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ASDA’S Ramadan Range Got Bigger and Better

Ramadan is just around the corner, and as always ASDA is here to help you prepare for the season of fasting and festivity.

This year ASDA’s Ramadan range is bigger and better, so you can find all that you need to prepare mouth-watering iftar and suhoor meals for the whole family under one roof.

ASDA’s seasonal Ramadan aisles have been stocked and ready for Ramadan shoppers since February and are filled with a variety of Ramadan essentials from all your trusted brands including KTC, Laila, Rubicon, Cofresh, Elephant Atta, Tilda and East End so you can enjoy all your favourite Ramadan treats at home. ASDA has you covered with everything from food staples, cookware, tableware and more at affordable prices.  

This year ASDA is introducing the Ramadan Cupboard Essential bundle, which makes it as easy and convenient as possible for customers who observe Ramadan to break their fasts with a delicious iftar spread every day of the month. ASDA’s Ramadan Cupboard Essential bundle is packed with all the Ramadan staples you would need to make scrumptious suhoor and iftar meals in only £25.09, and you can purchase it online in just one click!

The Ramadan Cupboard Essentials include Ramadan must-haves including KTC Red Kidney Beans, KTC Plum Tomatoes, KTC Coconut Milk, KTC Chickpeas, KTC Pure Sunflower Oil, Laila Basmati Rice and East End Premium Gold Multigrain Chapatti Flour. These versatile ingredients will surely add some variety to your iftars and can be used to make a plethora of tasty recipes from the filling Cholla Chaat (chickpea salad) to a yummy pilaf, or anything you fancy! Purchase your Ramadan Cupboard Essentials online at or at your local ASDA store.

ASDA is always here to help its customers celebrate Ramadan with convenience. Everything you need can be found under one roof at ASDA, so make sure to visit your nearest ASDA to find all your favourite festive foods and treats to enjoy during Ramadan, at affordable prices. Otherwise, visit online to purchase everything you need to make your Ramadan complete.

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