10 Healthy Healing Holidays

Whether you are struggling with physical issues, such as sports injuries or poor posture; battling internal digestive or heart health concerns; or even tackling emotional problems such as insomnia or stress, address the issue head on. From Italy to India, with a tailor-made wellness programme to target your specific health needs, the following healing holidays will leave you feeling the best you have felt in a long time; back to your finest.

For a Full Body MOT: St LuciaThe BodyHolidayBodyScience

Taking tailor-made to a whole new level, on the Caribbean island of St Lucia, The BodyHoliday’s new BodyScienceprogramme will help you to discover what workouts and nutrition are best suited to you, based upon your unique genetic DNA information. Prior to arrival, you’ll receive a complete lab analysis kit, which will be followed by a personal and medical consultation with the BodyScience doctor upon arrival. Helping to create a tailor-made life-changing getaway that will suit your personal wellness needs; choose to focus on fitness, weight management, healthy ageing, digestive health or stress management.

For Quitting Smoking: SpainMarbella Club Anti-Tobacco

Breathe freely on this specialist anti-tobacco holiday and take the time to focus on how to stop smoking for good at the luxurious beach-side retreat, Marbella Club in sunny Spain. Secluded in a wellness haven, you will be guided and supported by health professionals, as you are assisted through the initial period of withdrawal symptoms. Benefit from expert stress management sessions to understand the addiction, and strengthen your self-discipline. Combined with detoxifying spa treatments and healthy nutrition to cleanse your body, this healthy holiday will set you on the path to a successful return home, tobacco free.

For Improved Posture: Italy – Lefay Sports & Posture

Transform your body as you strengthen your posture on this specialist sports therapy holiday, at the luxurious Lefay resort, nestled amongst Lake Garda’s mountainous surroundings. Working to boost your fitness, tone your body and strengthen your posture, private physiotherapy and personal trainer sessions will help to identify your individual needs. Helping to ease any pain, heal with therapeutic massages, reflexology and activities such as Pilates and Qi Gong, designed to rebalance your physical energy. Addressing poor postural habits in the long-term, return home with targeted recommendations for maintaining what you have achieved.

For Healing the Mind: India – Shreyas Silent Retreat

Hidden on the outskirts of Bangalore within 25 acres of scenic gardens, take time to reflect on life and heal your mind in an atmosphere of complete tranquility. Utilising the power of silent meditation, as a tool for improving your emotional health; enjoy periods of quiet reflection as you focus your mind during private meditation sessions by candle light. Together with group chanting, walking and sound meditation classes, relax with private yoga and Pranayama (breathing) sessions to hone your mind. Reach a state of ultimate relaxation with rejuvenating massages at the luxury spa during this journey of self-discovery.

For Enhanced Sleep: Thailand – SonevaKiri Sleep Well & De-Stress

Rediscover a good night’s sleep as you learn to switch off and re-connect with yourself on this sleep enhancement holiday at luxury wellness sanctuary, SonevaKiri. Nestled on the northern coast of Thai island, KohKood, re-balance your mind, body and soul with the guidance of wellness experts, during a fitness consultation and lifestyle counselling session. Open up energy pathways with holistic treatments, including Reiki and chakra balancing, complemented by a personalised yoga and Pranayama breathing session. Learn to channel your energy productively during personal training sessions to return home feeling fully revitalised.

For a Healthier Heart: The Philippines – The Farm Heart Health & Stress Reduction

Discover the secret to maintaining your cardiovascular health, as you de-stress at the healthy hideaway of The Farm in the Philippines. A relaxing destination in which to learn to beat stress, this healing retreat combats heart disease through a low-cholesterol vegan diet, alongside daily wellness activities and stress management techniques. Together with daily follow-ups with a medical doctor, learn how to look after your heart during a fitness assessment with a personal trainer and a sustainable lifestyle discussion with a wellness expert. Return home with the knowledge you need to manage stress and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

For Sports Injuries: ThailandChivaSom Physical Renewal

Getting back on the road to fitness is an important step after a sports injury and should be conducted with a well-structured approach. At leading wellness retreat, ChivaSom in Thailand, the expert health team specialise in sports injuries, particularly focusing on pain management, posture alignment and performance enhancement. A healing solution for sport lovers, recover in a safe and functional way with mobilisation movements, specialised strength exercises and daily massages. Take control of your rehabilitation guided by a specialist physiotherapist and a tailor-made wellness programme that will ensure your specific healing goals are met.

For Improved Digestion: Italy – Ti Sana Liver Detox

Boost your well-being from the inside-out on a cleansing liver detox at this wellness retreat in the Italian countryside. Combining organic vegan nutrition, healthy probiotics and detoxifying spa therapies, this signature programme aims to improve the health and vitality of those who put daily strain on their liver through diets rich in saturated fats, sugar or alcohol. Following the recommendations from the initial 1-on-1 consultation, choose from one of three pathways; slimming, relaxing or energising. Recover in the safe hands of Italian hospitality, as you learn from their healthy vegetarian approach to both raw and cooked nutrition during educational cooking sessions.

For Healing the Soul: BaliMaya Ubud Spiritual Journey

Nestled amongst charming island villages, this healing holiday harnesses Bali’s long tradition of holistic wellness to restore emotional well-being. Wake up to yoga and meditation sessions, releasing negative emotions and starting every day with a positive attitude. An energising afternoon walk to a nearby traditional village and visit to a nearby orphanage will clear your mind; before receiving a fresh perspective on your emotional well-being during a visit to a Balinese healer. Recount your experiences to reinforce positive memories and boost feelings of contentment as you relax during a rejuvenating Balinese massage.

For Stress Management: SpainSHA Anti-Stress

Set in the unmatched surroundings of the peaceful Spanish coastline, SHA Wellness Clinic, offers a tranquil backdrop for a stress management holiday. A favourite amongst celebrities, this multi-award winning wellness retreat prides itself on offering distinctively tailored wellness programmes, combining supportive activities, such as laughter therapy and healthy cooking lessons, with emotional therapies to provide a holistic healing experience. SHA health experts will work with you to develop personal stress management techniques to ensure you are equipped to successfully manage any stressful situation life throws your way.

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By Tahira Khan

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