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Twin baby Tamarins born at Drayton Manor Zoo

Spring has sprung in Staffordshire with the birth of two critically endangered Cotton-Top Tamarins at Drayton Manor Zoo.

The twins, Kit and Leo, were born in the morning of 14th March 2017 and weigh around 40-45g, that’s roughly the 3rd of the weight of a hamster! Proud Mum and Dad, Ellie and Berrie, are first time parents.

Chris Mitchell, Zoo Manager at Drayton Manor Park said: “The Cotton-Top Tamarin is one of the smallest and rarest primates. They’re listed as critically endangered as their population is around 6,000 in the wild, so it is important for us to have a genetically healthy captive population as a safety net in case the worst happens.  Drayton Manor is proud to support ‘Proyecto Titi’, who are working tirelessly to save this species in the wild in Colombia.”

Twins are very common in Tamarins and mum and dad share the hard work of raising their offspring. Though Ellie and Berrie are first time parents, they are doing a great job of looking after the babies.


Chris added: “Little Kit and Leo have recently been sexed and we’re happy to confirm we have twin baby males and both are growing stronger by the day.  Their white hair is due to come through over the coming months so they’ll look more like their parents. They’re just starting to show off their cheeky personalities winning us over here at the park, and we hope lots of families visit over the season to say hello.”

What better time than Love Your Zoo Week from Saturday 27th May to Sunday 4th June to visit and meet the new arrivals. Visitors to the zoo can enjoy a full programme of exciting family-focused activities including animal feeds and enrichment workshops.


The 15 acre zoo is located at Staffordshire based Drayton Manor Park and is home to over 700 animals of 144 different species from all over the world, including a pair of critically endangered Sumatran Tigers and a mischievous mob of Meerkats.

What’s more, this year the zoo is set to welcome a whole host of new arrivals including Red Pandas, Sulawesi Crested Macaques, Beaded Lizards, Golden Headed Lion Tamarins and some very cute Dik-Diks!

To book tickets, or for more information about the park, visit or call 0844 472 1950.

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