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Is something missing from your life? Impossible to put into words. Religion, faddy diets, exercise regimes, even science and the search for knowledge, none of these fill the void in your soul. One night in 2011 hell opened, chewed and swallowed me. From this came an understanding. On one hand it is mundane, some may shrug their shoulders and say “So what?” On the other hand it reveals how extraordinary nature is. It only says what and why the void is, there is no offer of a solution to filling it. How will the worlds of science, religion and even pseudo-science respond; disbelief, joy or dismay? Some wishful thinkers will be delighted, but please be cautious, I would not wish to visit the night from hell on anyone.

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Graham Clark – “Determination Ian’s middle name”
Nathan Jones – “I believe this could be true, and another option has not yet been proven to me. When I asked my daughter if she thought it could be true, she said “Yes, I do. Because it has logic to it””
Kim Mercado – “I like you have suffered with night terrors, or whatever you want to call them. But I know other people don’t have them like that, so don’t stop I’m sure we not the only ones who seek answers.”

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Aftab Siddiqui – Senior Journalist – Express Tribune
Ian it was great to meet you at the 4:26 book launch. There is no better treat for readers to hear the writer himself read a piece for them and Ian is an excellent writer and reader, the setting of the event provided a great backdrop.

” It took me 4 years to write a book and it only took to me 30 days to know it was worth it” more than 400 books ordered online and the feedback from family and friends and above all my readers who believed in buying the book”.

I would like to thank the team of for making it possible for 4:26am to get published and further in spreading and reaching out to all! It has been an amazing journey to physically experience the process one has to go through and become and author as I am indeed one now. Social media has played a vital role in the promotional activity from the very first as to exactly what 4:26am is all about?

On a lighter note I guess, the social media greatest impact was on me as I am now more sociably fashionable; according to the kids in my neighbourhood I am now “famous”

Happy Reading – Ian Clark, author

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