Look chic and elegant this Ramadan

Although we all like to look good, running around the high street for Ramadan-friendly looks is not exactly top priority – nor should it be. That’s why Modanisa has selected a few curated looks that would suit your style-related needs, with the day-to-night aesthetic in mind. Take a look at some of our top sun-up to sunset ensembles, just for you.
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Ramadan the holiest month of the year

Ramadan Mubarak! The holiest month in the Islamic calendar, which sees Muslims undertake a 30-day fast starts in May.
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Ramadan with youtube star AnisaGrams

Inspired by her Mum, Mother in law & family, Anisa decided to create her youtube channel and show her expertise in very creative videos and pictures. Her channel Cook with Anisa is still the UK’s most watched YouTube channel when searching Ramadan Recipes in the UK.
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Cornwall – Land of Magic

Standing on the tip of Cornwall, all you can see is the Atlantic Ocean – the next landfall westward is America. This truly is Lands End. Not surprisingly, thousands of visitors flock here every year, drawn by the spectacular scenery and amazing stories. This is a land of mystery, of magic; where anything can happen.
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Tea makes the world go round – and stopping for a cup of tea is popular in countries worldwide

The UK has been a big tea drinking nation since the seventeenth century.  At one point, the cost of tea was so expensive that ladies used to lock it up…

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