John Lewis set to sell Hijabs in their London and Liverpool Stores

John Lewis is offering the hijab in its school uniform department in London and Liverpool for the first time in history.

So far they have signed contracts with two schools,  the Islamia Girls’ School in north-west London, which was established in 1983 by Yusuf Islam – known as the singer Cat Stevens until his conversion to Islam in 1977 and Belvedere Academy in Liverpool, another girls school.

This will allow more parents to buy more quality products from a good service retailer.

The mainstream retailer is starting to stock the hijab alongside blazers and blouses.

Currently John Lewis is selling a plain white hijab for £9, alongside a teal blazer carrying the school badge, which costs £65, there long ankle-length grey skirts start from £40 and they are looking for more contracts to secure uniforms with.



One thought on “John Lewis set to sell Hijabs in their London and Liverpool Stores

  • November 10, 2017 at 5:52 am

    With the bans of hijabs in some western countries, it has been getting more popularity. Anyway, this is a very good idea to sell hijabs in the countries where they are hardly available in the markets so Muslim women can take the benefit.

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